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Blue Sequence Adorned Sherwani






    ●Domestic:10 to 14 business Days
    ●International: 15 to 18 business Days

    ●Domestic: 3 to 4 business Days
    ●International: Not Available

    ●Domestic: 3 to 4 business Days
    ●International: 8 to 10 business Days

    Size: S

    Pickup available at Zamzama Commercial

    Usually ready in 5+ days

    Care Guide
    • Label Check: Always peek at the care labels before washing.
    • Sort Smart: Group clothes by color and fabric type.
    • Spot Treat: Tackle stains pronto with the right remover.
    • Wash Wisely: Cold for delicate, hot for dirty, gentle cycle for fragile.
    • Dry with Care: Air dry delicate stuff, tumble dry low for the tough ones.
    • Iron Insight: Follow label instructions, steam if you can, press gently.
    • Neat Storage: Keep clean clothes cool and dry, fold knits, use garment bags.
    • Quick Fixes: Patch up tears and lost buttons ASAP.
    • Dry Clean Details: Trust the label, find a good cleaner, air out after.
    • Color Accuracy:
      At HUMAYUN ALAMGIR  we take great care to showcase our products in the most true-to-life colors possible. Our team invests significant effort in capturing the essence of each item. However, just like two people might see a sunset differently, the colors you see on your screen can vary due to individual device settings. Please understand that while we do our best to be accurate, subtle color differences may arise from screen to screen.
    • Final Sale Policy:
      We want you to be thrilled with your HUMAYUN ALAMGIR purchase. To keep our prices competitive and pass those savings on to you, we've adopted a final sale policy. This means that when you make a selection and complete your order, it's considered a final decision. We don't normally accept returns, exchanges, or refunds unless there's a clear issue like a product defect or a mistake on our end. We kindly ask that you double-check your choices before hitting that order button.
    • Return and Exchange Policy:
      While our aim is to provide you with flawless items, we acknowledge that mistakes can happen. If you do receive an item that's damaged or has an issue, please reach out to us within specific timeframe 03 days of receiving your order. Our customer service team is here to assist you in resolving the problem and making things right.
    • Exceptional Cases:
      We believe in fairness and flexibility, and we're aware that unique situations may arise. If you find yourself in a situation that doesn't fit our standard return policy, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll take the time to understand your circumstances and do our best to accommodate your needs.
    • Customer Satisfaction:
      Above all, your satisfaction matters to us at HUMAYUN ALAMGIR. We're dedicated to delivering not only exceptional products but also outstanding customer service. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat about your order or our products, our friendly support team is here to help. Your experience with us matters, and we're here to make it as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.
    Size: S